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Download Links

Download Kage Ragnarok Client Installation File.
Once saved to your hard disk, you can immediately begin to install Ragnarok game.
RUN Kage RO Patcher.exe to get the latest Kage RO Updates!

KageRO v3.0 Patch Download (04/05/19)

This is KageRO Lite installer, it contains all the basic files to play KageRO.
Make sure your kRO is updated, then extract KageRO v3.0 to your kRO folder.

Full Client Download (KRO + KageRO Official Patch v3.0)

The full installation package is an EXE package created to guide you through the installation process. It contains all the files required to play KageRO.
Note: for slower computers, after opening the file, it will take some time for the installer to load.

We highly recommend installing KageRO using our Full Installer EXE package.