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Welcome to Kage Ragnarok Online

Server Information
Official Opening : 2nd September 2018
Facebook Fanpage: Fanpage

Discord: You've been invited!

Gepard Shield Protected 3.0
Pre-Renewal System
Max Level: 99/70 Trans Job
Max ASPD: 192
Max Stats: 99
Godly Item: DISABLED
Battleground Item: DISABLED

Rate :-
Base: 100000x
Job: 100000x
Normal Item Drop Rate: 100%
Normal Card Drop Rate: 50%
MVP Item Drop Rate: 100%
MVP Card Drop Rate: 10%

Newbie Solo Packages
Guild Packages
Friendly Community
Friendly GM Team
Balance Server
Interactive Auto Events
Many Quest Provided

Player commands:
@rates, @autotrade, @homfriendly, @petfriendly, @iteminfo,
@storage, @pettalk, @dye, @load, @glvl, @go, @alootid, @homhungry,
@time, @changegm, @whereis, @whodrops, @leave, @allskill,
@guildstorage, @hominfo, @commands, @request, @autoloot, @pethungry,
@duel, @mobinfo, and more~