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Found 1 result

  1. KageRO Changelogs 05/05/2019

    DATABASE Kiel Card effect changed from Reduce after cast delay 30% and +30 ASPD to Reduce after cast delay 30% Doppelganger Card effect reduced from +100 ASPD to +50 ASPD (user now will need atleast 2 to achieve 192 ASPD) Berzebub Card effect reduced from -45% casting time to -40% casting time. Removed all lower headgear slots. New weapons implemented (to be release as quest item on next update) New headgears implemented (to be release as quest item on next update) Ainz Ooal Gown implemented Caspen field 01 and 02 filled with custom mobs (Drops to be release on next update) New MVP - The Devil Dragoon located at Caspen Cave 02 (Drops to be release on next update) IN-GAME Reschedule Disguise Event time. (previously runs every hour, now runs every 3 hours start from 0100 hours) Added Maze Event which runs every 3 hours start from 0200 hours. Added Last Man Standing (PVP) which runs every 3 hours start from 0300 hours. 0100 hour - Disguise 0200 hour - Maze 0300 hour - LMS 0400 hour - Disguise 0500 hour - Maze 0600 hour - LMS And so on Added all items mall Added card seller NPC Changed KageRO main town from Trinity to Caspen the New Wind Town. Added custom vending area. Added new mall map. Failed refine now no longer breaks the equipment, instead only -1 refine. (Find Romerro the Refiner at Caspen) Added custom field and dungeon for Caspen for future quest / custom mob implement. Warper NPC now no longer provides warp to guild dungeon. All MVP maps are now PK ZONE! MVP Protector NPC inside MVP Room now gives Agi + Bless. (Previously gives only heal) Players now can get PVP POINTS by killing other players. - Each kills gives random pvp points, get killed deducts pvp points. - Players are only limited to kill same person 5 times to avoid kill feeding. - Dual clients / same IP will not receive any PVP Points. - use @pvppoints / @pvppoint / @pvpp to check your current PVP Points. Cherry Field will be the new Free For All PVP Map. (old: Izlude) Holy light lvl 5 can be learned at Platinum skills NPC. SOURCE EDIT @go 0 = Caspen (new Main Town) Magic damage reflect reduction / Physical damage reflect reduction implemented. (for upcoming custom items) Player A: Paladin with Maya Card and Reflect Shield skill Player Wiz cast Jupiter Thunder deals 10,000 damage to Player A * Damage get reflected to Player Wiz by 50% = 5,000. * Player Wiz wears magic damage reflection reduction will receive slightly lower damage. 10% reduction = 5,000 - ( 5,000 * 0.10 ) = 4,500 20% reduction = 5,000 - ( 5,000 * 0.20 ) = 4,000 damage reflect to Player Wiz This also applies to physical damage. Holy Light Level 1: inflict 1*125% holy damage Level 2: inflict 2*125% holy damage Level 3: inflict 3*125% holy damage Level 4: inflict 4*125% holy damage Level 5: inflict 5*125% holy damage Soul Link Old: Priest Soul link increase 400% holy light damage New: Priest Soul link increase 200% holy light damage PVP ON! Have fun gaming