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KageRO Changelogs 05/05/2019

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  • Kiel Card effect changed from Reduce after cast delay 30% and +30 ASPD to Reduce after cast delay 30%
  • Doppelganger Card effect reduced from +100 ASPD to +50 ASPD (user now will need atleast 2 to achieve 192 ASPD)
  • Berzebub Card effect reduced from -45% casting time to -40% casting time. 
  • Removed all lower headgear slots.
  • New weapons implemented (to be release as quest item on next update)
  • New headgears implemented (to be release as quest item on next update)
  • Ainz Ooal Gown implemented 
  • Caspen field 01 and 02 filled with custom mobs (Drops to be release on next update)
  • New MVP - The Devil Dragoon located at Caspen Cave 02 (Drops to be release on next update)



  • Reschedule Disguise Event time. (previously runs every hour, now runs every 3 hours start from 0100 hours)
  • Added Maze Event which runs every 3 hours start from 0200 hours.
  • Added Last Man Standing (PVP) which runs every 3 hours start from 0300 hours.
0100 hour - Disguise
0200 hour - Maze
0300 hour - LMS 
0400 hour - Disguise
0500 hour - Maze
0600 hour - LMS

And so on
  • Added all items mall
  • Added card seller NPC
  • Changed KageRO main town from Trinity to Caspen the New Wind Town.
  • Added custom vending area.
  • Added new mall map.
  • Failed refine now no longer breaks the equipment, instead only -1 refine. (Find Romerro the Refiner at Caspen)
  • Added custom field and dungeon for Caspen for future quest / custom mob implement.
  • Warper NPC now no longer provides warp to guild dungeon.
  • All MVP maps are now PK ZONE!
  • MVP Protector NPC inside MVP Room now gives Agi + Bless. (Previously gives only heal)
  • Players now can get PVP POINTS by killing other players.
- Each kills gives random pvp points, get killed deducts pvp points.
- Players are only limited to kill same person 5 times to avoid kill feeding.
- Dual clients / same IP will not receive any PVP Points.
- use @pvppoints / @pvppoint / @pvpp to check your current PVP Points.
  • Cherry Field will be the new Free For All PVP Map. (old: Izlude)
  • Holy light lvl 5 can be learned at Platinum skills NPC.



  • @go 0 = Caspen (new Main Town)
  • Magic damage reflect reduction / Physical damage reflect reduction implemented. (for upcoming custom items)
Player A: Paladin with Maya Card and Reflect Shield skill

Player Wiz cast Jupiter Thunder deals 10,000 damage to Player A
* Damage get reflected to Player Wiz by 50% = 5,000.
* Player Wiz wears magic damage reflection reduction will receive slightly lower damage. 
    10% reduction = 5,000 - ( 5,000 * 0.10 ) = 4,500
    20% reduction = 5,000 - ( 5,000 * 0.20 ) = 4,000 damage reflect to Player Wiz 

This also applies to physical damage.
  • Holy Light
Level 1: inflict 1*125% holy damage
Level 2: inflict 2*125% holy damage
Level 3: inflict 3*125% holy damage
Level 4: inflict 4*125% holy damage
Level 5: inflict 5*125% holy damage
  • Soul Link
Priest Soul link increase 400% holy light damage

Priest Soul link increase 200% holy light damage


PVP ON!:pvp:

Have fun gaming:th_no1:

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