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Automated Event in Kage-RO
There are several automated events that have been prepared by the Kage-RO management in order to ensure that players are able to enjoy themselves. We strive to create a server that offers activities beyond merely Player vs Player (PVP), Guild vs Guild (War of the Emperium/WoE) or Player vs Environment (PVE). So, whether you're tired of hunting that 100th Tao Gunka to no avail or bored of defending your 200 kill streak in the arena, do take part in our events that reward you with exclusive quest items for crafting items that would only otherwise be available via donation!

The time table below shows the schedule for the automated events. Should you have any queries or issues about the matter, feel free to contact any of our Game Masters.

Happy Participating!

[Image: b78FYqz.png]

[Image: bUmluka.png]

Each automated event offers its own distinct reward. The images below show the rewards that the player will get each time they successfully achieve the event goals.

[Image: D8qljAk.png]

[Image: O5Y36Dz.png]

In the future, we will have more automated events for players to participate in. Remember, most of the quest items can be only obtained from these events. Good luck!  Heart Heart

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