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[ENDED] Kiel Card Quest Event
[Image: uvcgFb3.png]

Having trouble with the current Kiel Card quest? Feel like giving up half way when doing the quest? Here is the good news. Kage-RO Management Team have decided to make an event called "Monthly Special Quest" event. Still remember the current Kiel Card quest item requirement? 20 pocket watch, 150 burnt part, 150 rune of darkness and bla bla bla. Crazy right?

So, in between 15th until 30th in every month, we will place a special Monthly Special Quest at the Prontera for you guys to see. Don't worry. This time we'll make sure you guys able to finish the quest at least ONE time.

So.. For this month "Monthly Special Quest", here are the list you guys should get :

[Image: VyabFlD.png]

Easy right? Compare to current Kiel Quest which is hard as !@#$. What are you guys waiting for. Grab your weapon and start hunting!! Good luck!

NOTE: You guys must be thinking that the quest item would be the same every month. Well.. guess what. You guys are totally WRONG. Every month will be different item to be hunt. All the best!

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