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[ENDED] Monthly Special Quest Event
We are back! The moment that you have been waiting for. Monthly Special Quest is back! Still remember our previous quest? Yes, you guess it right. Kiel D-01 Card. Freaking easy right compare to our current Kiel D-01 Card.

So. As for this month. We going something different. Rather than letting you guys have bunch of cards. This month we decide to make something tanky.. something that you guys can use in PVP or WoE.. Something that you guys might having trouble to make it.

Poo Poo Hat? Come on. You guys can think better than that. That's it. Some of you are giving the right thought. As for our this month Special Quest Event, the item that you can get is +10 Feather Beret[0].

[Image: M1GcR3Y.png]

No no no.. We are serious. Its a freaking +10 Feather Beret[0]. We have saved your time on doing the +0 Feather Beret[0] and also refine the thing. All you have to do, just collect them things that we listed down here.

[Image: AwIHett.jpg]

Worthy right? Rather than keeping disappointing yourself during refine that item. Remember! You only have 15 days to complete this quest. We wish you happy hunting and good luck!

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