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[September 2018]
  • Removed all warp at Izlude town
  • Added safe refine at Refiner NPCs
  • Fixed Bubble Gum effect
  • Disabled trade for Convex Mirror
  • Fixed Dice Event bug
  • Added tomb for Satan Morroc
  • Fixed Poring Catcher Event bug
  • Added @refresh command
  • Fixed @duel command
  • Fixed guild skills error
  • Enabled teleport inside MvP Theta Room
  • Removed Meteo Plate Armor[1] from Armor NPC inside Mall
  • Removed Orleans's Glove [1] from Accessories NPC inside Mall
  • Reduced Oridecon price from 150k zeny to 100k zeny
  • Reduced Elunium price from 150k zeny to 100k zeny
  • Reduced Poison Bottle price from 30k zeny to 20k zeny
  • Change High Wizard card effect from
    { bonus2 bIgnoreMdefClassRate,Class_Normal,100; bonus bCastrate,100; bonus bSPrecovRate,-100; },{},{ heal 0,-2000; }
    { bonus2 bIgnoreMdefClassRate,Class_Normal,100; bonus bCastrate,20; bonus bSPrecovRate,-100; },{},{ heal 0,-2000; }
    (NOTE: This effect may change if it is not suitable)
  • Added Vote For Points system. Kindly visit HERE to start vote for KageRO
  • Added Vote For Points Trader NPC inside Mall
  • Removed Poring Coin Shop from KageRO Trader
  • Added Gentleman Pipe quest in Quest Shop
  • Removed Convex Mirror Box from Freebies NPC
  • Added Newbie Solo Pack NPC at Prontera (Near Freebies NPC)
    (Account Bound items)
    • x10 Bubble Gum
    • 7 Days Ticket Box(Assumptio)
    • 7 Days Ticket Box(FCP)
    • +10 Main Gauche[4]
    • +10 Mace[4]
    • +10 Rod[4]
    • +10 Composite Bow[4]
    • +7 Wool Scarf[1]
    • +7 Tidal Shoes[1]
  • Released of Guild Package. Kindly visit HERE for more details.
  • Berzebub Card now can be obtain from quest or Berzebub itself.
  • Kiel Card now untradable since we put it inside Guild Package.
  • Removed pincode on character selection windows.
  • Removed Naght Sieger Full Heal skill.
  • Fixed PvP Warper bug.
  • New Devil Square Event
    • Stage 1 - Ghostring, Deviling, Hydra, Thara Frog, Raydric
    • Stage 2 - Kiel D-01, Bow Guardian, Alicel, Aliot, Constant
    • Stage 3 - Wouned Morroc, Salamander, Kasa
  • No command can be used inside Devil Square Event room
  • Reduced Asura Strike damage
  • Reduced Sonic Blow damage (with Assassins Spirit)
  • Reduced Dex for uncast from 150 to 135
  • Reduced Golden Thief Bug Card effect from 70% to 50%
  • Nidhoggr's Shadow now will drop Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb with 50% drop rate
  • Nidhoggr's Shadow can be summoned by using Bloody Branch
  • Added new automated event "Town Warrior". Refer HERE for more information
  • Kindly download new patch HERE
  • Added Gepard Shield v3.0
  • Reduced Yggdrasil Seed weight from 10 to 5
  • Added new Costume Box II inside Vote For Points Trader
  • Added new Rare Costume quest inside Quest Shop
  • Added Hokage Sakkat[2] (Effect same as KageRO Solar Helm) [NON DONATION]
  • Added Legendary Samurai Sword[1] (Effect same as KageRO Flu Mask) [NON DONATION]
  • Added WOE Rare Costume Box (Only for Saturday WOE Winner) [Inside contained rare costumes hat, KageRO Solar Helm, KageRO Flu Mask, Hokage Sakkat and Legendary Samurai Sword]

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