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Kiel-D-01 Card
Kiel-D-01 Card

[Image: uvcgFb3.png]

Kiel-D-01/ Kiel Card quest can be found at Kiel Dungeon Level 2 . The name of the NPC for this quest is EviL who is located at coordinate 105, 202.

[Image: CINGlHI.png] [Image: ch6UjSg.png]

NPC Name : EviL
Location: kh_dun02,105,202

The materials that are required for completing this quest are as shown below:

[Image: x0OjOtF.png]

The description of the item is as displayed below :

[Image: w848jVj.png]

Once you have collected all the materials as listed, you will have successfully acquired a Kiel-D-01/ Kiel Card.

[Image: exclamation.png] ATTENTION!! [Image: exclamation.png] : Kiel-D-01/ Kiel Card does not drop from the Kiel-D-01/ Kiel itself. Therefore, to obtain Kiel-D-01/ Kiel Card Card, you can either complete the quest or channel donations(optional) [Kiel-D-01 Card is NOT TRADABLE]

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