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[Image: QFR72iQ.png]

There are two NPCs that need to be visited in order to complete the quest. The first NPC is located at Alberta Town, while the second NPC is located at Morroc field. You need to follow the quest sequence (which means you are not allow to skip the first NPC).

First NPC

[Image: mOGXCWG.png] [Image: T7vpaWp.png]

NPC Name : Sunglasses Trader
Location: alberta, 88, 193

Sunglasses Trader will require player to collect some materials in order for the player to proceed to the next phase. The materials that are required to complete the first phase are:

[Image: k7RAFcU.png]

Once you have collected all the materials that are required by the Sunglasses Trader, then she will take the items that you have provided and will ask you to meet her friend, Maseph, who is located at Morroc field. To find Maseph, refer to the location as shown below : 

Second NPC

[Image: RehNBRV.png] [Image: qEzepmd.png]

NPC Name : Maseph
Location: moc_fild07, 334, 186

At this point, she will ask you to collect two(2) more materials. The materials that are required by Maseph are as shown below : 

[Image: ZiD9MTW.png]

Once you get all the materials that she wants, she will collect the items from you and....voila!! You have successfully completed the Sunglasses[1] quest. The description for the Sunglasses[1] is as shown below :

[Image: fdpLWoL.png]

There is no limit for this quest. Therefore players are allowed to make as many as they want.  Tongue Tongue

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